LibMuse 6.0.3
com.choosemuse.libmuse.AndroidLogListener Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void receiveLog (LogPacket log)
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abstract void receiveLog (LogPacket log)

Detailed Description

A LogListener that outputs the logs to logcat

Member Function Documentation

§ receiveLog()

void com.choosemuse.libmuse.AndroidLogListener.receiveLog ( LogPacket  log)

Handler method for log messages. These are sent when interesting events happen. A simple handler may just print each message to stderr or stdout separated by newlines. It's also possible to implement arbitrary log policies within this handler.

receiveLog may be entered concurrently from multiple threads; if your listener implementation requires synchronization, it should provide its own.
Your listener should not make any LibMuse API calls; otherwise, unbounded recursion may occur, leading to resource exhaustion.
logThe log message.

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