LibMuse 6.0.3
com.choosemuse.libmuse.Severity Enum Reference

Public Attributes


Detailed Description

The log message severity.

Member Data Documentation



Debug-only logs. These are only interesting to developers trying to track down problems in the library.



Error logs. These messages indicate that something has gone wrong – for instance, a connection terminated unexpectedly or a corrupted packet was received.



Fatal logs. These are sent when the library is in a completely unrecoverable state from which the only reasonable outcome is termination of the running process. The process will be aborted as soon as the log handler returns.



Informational logs. These messages are sent when significant but expected events happen (e.g. a connection started or was completed successfully.)



Verbose logs. These provide lots of details that are probably irrelevant except for tracing or debugging problems with the headband or library.



Warning logs. These messages indicate that something out of the ordinary but recoverable happened (e.g. a connection attempt failed but will be retried automatically.)



Enum size sentinel; not an actual severity.

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